Industrial electronics
A leading Finnish supplier of technical services for critical infrastructure networks
125 offices in 3 countries supported by ticket based services (3 technician profiles: desktop/ network/ server)
The company running the largest sea port in Europe
1 office in Indonesia with an IT technician attending on-site one day per week (schedule based service, with backfill), supplemented with ticket based requests when required.
An economic development and trade promotion agency in Asia Pacific
38 embassies and consulates in 27 countries worldwide supported by ticket based services (3 technician profiles: desktop/  network/ server).
Average of 1 ad hoc service request per week for the installation of network equipment.
A large cement producer in Asia Pacific
2 offices in Bangladesh, one with an IT technician attending on site 5 days per week, a second one with 2 days per week attendance (schedule based service with backfill).
A Nordic family business of coffee and cocoa, which has expanded internationally
3 offices in 3 countries with full time on-site technicians (schedule based service with backfill).
33 offices in 10 different countries supported by ticket based services (3 technician profiles: desktop/ network/ server).
A Danish clothing company with 2700 branded chain stores across 38 markets worldwide
Average of 1 to 2 ad hoc service requests per day, covering the installation of IT equipment for the opening of a new shop location in all European countries.
A major airline company from Asia Pacific
80 terminal/air side locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific supported by ticket based services  (all technician profiles).
Electrical equipment
A French multinational corporation that specializes in energy management
572 offices and factories in 69 countries, supported by 120 full time on-site technicians (schedule based services with backfill) and ticket based services (all technician profiles).
A Finnish software company
7 offices in Europe supported by ticket based services (all technician profiles)
A Japanese manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment
Deployment of 1700 PCs in 23 office in Europe, Asia Pacific and USA, through ad hoc services.
Financial services
A Nordic provider of financial management solutions
12 offices in central Europe supported through ticket based services (all technician profiles) and an on-site technician 2 days per week for one of the offices (schedule based services).
Professional services
An American company offering software and services to assist businesses in moving to digital operations
2 offices in Europe with a technician attending on site one day per week, plus 4 offices supported by ticket based services (all technician profiles)
A large Scandinavian IT service provider
Over 20 customers of the reseller are serviced through selfoss, delivering all on-site IT services outside of the reseller’s home country.
Customer profiles vary from companies with 1 office outside of the home country to companies with 100+ offices spread globally. Selfoss services are a mix of ticket based, schedule based and ad hoc services.
A Brazilian IT solution provider
The reseller has about a dozen Latin American customers with 1 or 2 offices outside of their home country. Those customers get their on-site IT support through selfoss services, either ticket based or schedule based with on-site attendance going from 1 to 5 days per week.  
The largest IT service provider in Japan
Using selfoss ad hoc service as proofs of concept, the reseller is shifting more and more of their demanding Japanese customers with an international presence to selfoss.